by Arpita Seth Guru

Wedding Planning: The easy way!

Wedding planning

It’s a lifetime dream for all girls to do shopping for their wedding and sort of a headache for the guys 😛 Whether you are a groom or a bride there is too much of shopping that needs to be done and it takes a toll on you and gets taxing, especially when you are planning to take a long leave for marriage and putting your best foot forward in office to keep things on track so that your much awaited leave is easily approved!

However if things are planned properly and you are following a schedule, the shopping would not seem that taxing.

Below are mentioned few tips on how to go about wedding planning, of course you can tweak it as per your convenience:


Break up the preparation into major tasks which need to be done:

As per your requirements prepare a list of major tasks which need to be done in wedding planning. Your list would look something like the one mentioned below:

Wedding party, venue choice and booking

Clothes shopping

Jewelry shopping

Accessory Shopping

Gifting shopping

Miscellaneous (Card, decoration, photographer etc.) booking

Honeymoon planning

Preparing guest list

Sending invites



Timeline the sub tasks:

The list mentioned above needs to be given a timeline. As per the schedule you make, do the tasks and preparation would get finished on time 🙂

Start with booking the venue within a week post date of the wedding is decided, because in India on days when marriages happen, various banquets and lawns etc. get booked in flash of seconds even 6-7 months before the wedding date!

Next comes the clothes and jewelry shopping, this should be done not before 3 months from wedding, in case wedding is fixed 6 months prior to wedding date then wait for three months before initiating the shopping. As this will help you in getting latest fashion, season’s clothes and also if you begin much in advance then shopping gets dragged for too long and you end up being exhausted. Rather than spending sometime every day for a long duration, spend 3-4 days fully on shopping however not more than 3 months prior to the wedding.

For this first of all make a list of what all you have to buy in clothes, usually traditional wear in case of brides and the main part of this shopping is the dress to be worn on wedding! You all would agree with me isn’t it? 😉 Make a detailed list of the dresses you want to buy, say you want to buy variety of sarees then list down how many Kanjivaram, how many work sarees, how many Banarasi so on and so forth. Similarly make it for anything you have to buy.

Similarly the card distribution should be initiated 1 month to 2 weeks before wedding.



Decide upon the markets and dates:

Third step is to decide upon the shops and market you want to explore and then decide upon days you want to shop for each list item you make in the first step.

The best practice would be to dedicate one of the tasks every week and finish off all purchasing one month or so prior wedding.


Giving the finishing touches:

Last comes giving the finishing touches to the shopping and preparation of the wedding.

In this first comes the packing of the clothes you bought, then comes packing of the gifts you would give to the guests, then comes couriering the cards to all guests and also deciding upon the flowers and other decoration at the venue. Getting clothes stitched and trying them out well in advance to keep time for alteration (phewww! Big hassles they create)

Also don’t forget to decide upon the dresses your near and dear ones would wear, specially mom, father, brothers, sisters, grandparents etc. Oh and btw while shopping their shopping is also included 😉

Follow these simple and effective strategy and enjoy the wedding, guaranteed there would be no end moment hassles 😉


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