by Arpita Seth Guru

Wanna diet?

Wanna diet?-Easynhappy.com Blog

Who doesn’t want to slim down and wear those lovely dresses in which otherwise you would look mmmmm not as good as you would look post losing some kilos. However the biggest struggle is, in today’s busy life we really do not have the time to exercise and to top it all in most of the cases there is almost no motivation to diet. This is specially the case when professional life is stressful and eating yummy stuff like chocolates, burgers and all the junk food of the world lessens your stress.

If you do relative comparison, eating less and dieting is easier to do than exercising. Also I’ll tell you why that is the case.

Work Out vs Dieting:

If you exercise for one hour with an averahe pace, you’ll loose approx. 100- 150 calories. Which is almost equivalent to calories you take post having two slices of bread. Rather have 2 slice less n sleep till late. Ofcourse that’s the case only if you do not love workout and are fond of sleeping late rather than getting up at 5 or 6 to rush to gym! 😉

Now you would say that, what if I feel hungry while dieting? Well that would happen four to five days but then lure yourself towards dieting by imagining what all benefits you would have, once you lose weight. Post four five days your body will get habitual and you would stop feeling hungry!

In addition, make it a regular practice to keep checking your weight, at least every two to three days. Your weight loss is a clear indication that your dieting is working.

How to Diet:

I’ll tell you few simple and sustainable ways of taking less calories:

Count your carbs:

Even though carbohydrates (things made out of wheat n rice etc) do not have high calories but still they are the ingredients which get digested first, so if you take them less your fat would get burned instead of carbs.

Decrease your calorie intake mealwise:

Have heavy breakfast, say two parathas, two sandwiches etc along with a glass of milk.

Have one or max two chapattis for lunch along with a bowl of dal and some vegetable (avoid potato).

In evening have a cup of coffee, tea with 2 biscuits or something else to munch, in case you have early dinner(which usually doesn’t happen in India) then can have something light in evening else have something filling, avoid junk though.

In dinner have fruits or salad

Avoid salt:

We have this perception that sugar is fattening but salt is not, no doubt in it that sugar is fattening but you know what? Salt is even more fattening!

Hence decrease your intake of salt as much as possible.

Be active:

15-20 minutes workout is bare minimum you should aim at daily, can go for a walk, play some outdoor game or do Yoga. Any of these would help you in keeping fit and would enhance the effect of your dieting.

As far as Yoga is concerned, Surya Namasker is really effective, do consider it. But do not do it if you have backache post doing it.

If any of the above not possible and you cannot specially take out time for exercise then walk while doing your daily work as much as possible and be active.

Be consistent:

Last but certainly not the least, be consistent with whatever you decide to do for dieting, just following it and results would follow!

To conclude would say, all the best go for it!

All in all having self control on eating, with slight exercise


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