by Arpita Seth Guru

How to create undying passion towards your goal?

What is the difference between the successful people and the people who are always struggling to be successful? There is no doubt in it that everyone wants to be successful and have enough money to buy all the stuff they really like and always be surrounded by their loved ones.

Everyone wants it but not everyone gets it! Why is God not fair with everyone? Well he is! That is why people who truly deserve it get it, people who day in and day out think of how it will feel when they’ll have what they want in life are the ones who get it, they hardly bother themselves with negative thoughts.

That feeling of already having it and feeling good about it is what actually shows them the path to success. This feeling is what creates an undying passion in one to achieve their goals. This is what helps them in creating the undying passion towards goal!

undying passion

undying passion

These simple thumb rules will help you determining what your undying passion should be

Know the inevitable elements of your life:

Inevitable elements mean something without which one cannot imagine her/his life. Once we identify these elements we would be able to decide where to throw stark of our passion and that passion would increase exponentially and thus would help in creating undying passion.

For example for a particular person family is the first priority, in that case if they choose something for which they want to create undying passion makes them neglect their family then they can actually never persue that passion for long and thus one needs to choose wisely J if family is most important then consider a career pursuing which family will not get neglected.

Know your goal:

In order to feel that passion you really need to know your goal! In my opinion goal of life for any person should be doing and achieving something in life which will give true happiness and a person has a nice sleep at night also admiration from the people who really mean to that person. Usually in this category of people max five people are there. Never think of “what the world would say or what the society would say” as then you’ll be a slave in their hands doing stuff to please everyone and not yourself.

Such a person ends up pleasing no one, as everyone would always without fail say things behind one’s back and in the process of pleasing everyone one actually make loved ones unhappy. Which I believe is the biggest defeat! Thus just think of what would make you happy first and it of course doesn’t harm anyone in anyway and eventually would let your loved ones be beside you, at times it might be that even your loved ones are not very convinced with your goals of life but you really need to make them understand and convince them and since they really care for you they would certainly understand!

Imagine the end result of goal targeted:

Just feel everyday whether for a minute even better of, for a longer duration on how it would feel if you actually got what you dreamt of! That feeling will help you in creating the undying passion.

If that feeling is not appealing enough and you do not feel excited and happy high for atleast few minutes post imagining it, then probably consider something else you would like to achieve.

For example it could be being a loving and caring mother, wife or it could be getting promotion or being a motivating leader at workforce or something else, just imagine that you already have it and you would know if you can actually create undying passion for it or not.

These three very simple ways are a extremely easy way to determine what passion to inculcate for life!

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