by Arpita Seth Guru

Traffic Jam traffic jam go away, don’t come on my way ever again!

This is for all those who have to commute during the rush hours. We all share the same pain point and yes it is the dreadful traffic jam. 🙁

Traffic jam

Mood gets in an auto pilot mode and I am sure you will agree with me that you feel pissed off and are too irritated and agitated and are peeping out of the car, cab or auto to see the far end and to your dismay would see vehicles and vehicles, honking and all the craziness around. Phewww!

While changing the radio stations in your car you would be wondering why didn’t I take the other route instead of this one I would have saved xyz minutes and so on and so forth..

One thing can save you from this traffic. The old saying holds true even in this decade! You know which one? Well the one which says,”Prevention is better than cure” or to rephrase it in two words-be proactive. This word really reminds of clients blabbering, work is being done well, but we want more proactivenss n bla bla (people working in any service agency would empathize with me! 😉

Google Maps

Google Maps

Ok so you must be thinking that how on earth can one get proactive as far as traffic on the roads is concerned! Well thanks to Google (would rather call it awesome Google) you have something called Google maps. My small advice to you and trust me it is affective 100%, just before leaving, categorically during rush hours and busy ways just check on Google maps.

Traffic alert Google Maps

In order to read the traffic status on Google maps, follow below mentioned simple steps:

  • Go to Google maps app
  • Enter your current and destination location
  • On getting the route, click on the side bar and select the option-Traffic
  • Once you click on traffic on the route of your way it would show red, yellow, green and blue lines
    1. Red line signifies static heavy traffic
    2. Yellow medium traffic
    3. Blue signifies mild movable traffic
    4. Green signifies clear road or no traffic

These traffic status lines are also shown on alternative ways to reach your destination and in this way you can in 2 mins find out which route has least traffic.

I am sure you all know about this feature, but the catch here is that you need to look at it without fail before leaving. A prerequisite though is, have a good net connection 😉


This is it for now, hope this blog helps you not once not twice but several and even better every time in escaping the traffic!

Tata, till we chit chat in next blog post.

Do comment for any addition, question.


  • easynhappy |

    Well it all depends on the timing, if you checked it and its clear and within five minutes you reach there you would not find traffic 🙂

  • denag14 |

    Does this technique work everywhere? Well, in some parts of Africa, some drivers who seem to know their way so well find alternative routes. Other naive drivers follow suit and in no time these alternative routes also get clogged… More traffic, he he he he. …..

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