by Arpita Seth Guru

Time Management: 5 ways to stop procrastinating

Time Management

When it comes to being excellent at workplace, time management is the most crucial thing and if done properly would bring huge success.

Though we all know about this but most of us usually get tempted to short term comfort and loose our focus on the ultimate goal, or even worse some don’t even know what that ultimate goal is!

Currently reading an excellent book called,”Eat that Frog” by Brian Tracy. Amazing book and it mainly talks about how to do better time management and stop procrastination. I have read sixty percent of this book and it has already given me so many useful insights. Thought of sharing the same with our very own Indian perspective and corporate world scenario and thus an attempt to make everyone’s life easy and happy from easynhappy 🙂

In addition there are few more books which easynhappy recommends and talked about in another blog  .

There are few thumb rules or simple things which need to be done in order to manage your time really well!

  • Make a list: First step to being organized is creating a list of major tasks you want to do. However here there is more to day to day work list. Start with a list of tasks you want to achieve in another 10-15 years and then create a yearly, weekly and daily list of tasks to achieve the goals you set.

This way you would have clarity on what you have to aim and concentrate at.


  • The 10-90 rule: It is a fact that out of all the tasks you have to do or aim at doing only 10% have 90% importance, many a times people do the mistake of ignoring these tasks and putting efforts in completing less important, trivial tasks and thus end up wasting time and struggling.

In order to avoid this, we should be sure of what these top task are. Usually by finding out 3 top priority tasks you would be able to cover the top 10% most important tasks.

  • Identify the holding back factor: There is always something which is holding you back and stops you from achieving your dreams, it might be lack of confidence, poor communication skills, stage fear or something else. Identify it and put your heart and soul in getting rid of it. Everything is learnable if some other human on planet is good at it. Also the surprising thing is that Pareto rule of 20/80 is applicable here as well. What it means in this case is, out of 100 things which are holding you back, 80 are because of you. Which means, it is an internal factor and only 20 are due to external factors like government, boss, climate or something else.
  • Focus: If you really want to manage your time well then give your hundred percent attention to work while in office, if you do that you would certainly be able to finish work on time and won’t have to carry work home and thus would have quality time for family and friends, thus happy and a happy mind is a productive one 🙂
  • Identify your key potentials/constraints: Really simple way of finding this out is, if you win a really huge amount of lottery then what work you’ll like to consider for yourself by putting this money into. It surely would be something you are really fond of and thus you would know something you are passionate about. Now what you need to do is, focus on how you can leverage it in excelling in your professional life

These are pointers which I found really interesting and worth trying, one have already started applying at my workplace and works like magic, you guessed it right! It’s the 10-90 rule pointer. So try on and let the magic work in your life too!



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