by Arpita Seth Guru

The True Happiness!

Usually we run after some goal of life, which should certainly be the case. However in this journey of chasing our dreams and goals we should enjoy the little joys of life. As those little joys which we get in day to day life in the form of quality time with family or friends, or a nice sleep or a chat with an old friend or anything else is what makes life fun and lets you live your life.

Being worried about your goal or materialism of the world to prove your mettle in front of others. You are actually losing your identity and the true happiness of life. Even after achieving all that you aimed for you feel empty and negativity is something which continuously surrounds and haunts you.

However it’s never late, if that was the case till now you can simply change it by following some really simple things and thus would get the true happiness!


  • Be yourself: You have got this life to be what you want and not what you feel would make you look good in other’s eye. Even if you do that and say everyone adores you for what you are, there would still be one person who would not be fond of you and that is you YOURSELF! Know what it’s the most important that you yourself are fond of you, else what’s the purpose of life. You’ll always feel superficial.

Thus the true happiness lies in being yourself as anything else would not make any sense to you. For example if you like dressing in a simple and sober manner, however people around you say in your neighborhood or in your office like wearing extremely fashionable clothes then rather than being in trend with them wear what you prefer to wear with the only condition that it does not look awkward which certainly would not because simplicity is best J another example of it is you are homely person and like hanging out with your family and small bunch of special friends then instead of copying everyone else who are just party animals and believe in hanging out and spending leisure time in a different manner than what many others around you are doing then so be it! Its your life do what you actually enjoy J


  • Do not compare yourself with others: Comparing yourself with others and then demoralizing yourself is the biggest waste of time you can do. Everyone is unique and everyone would succeed in a field they are meant to be and thus comparison is of no point. Something at which someone else is good is something awesome and you should admire that person but at the same time do not demoralize yourself as you are meant to do something else and all you need to do is stay positive and focused and keep yourself full of energy and you would discover it and you would success.

When it comes to comparing, do not compare yourself with people who are less successful than you and just                feel good about it and feel proud. As even then you are making yourself settle for less though you can achieve                more.

In every phase of your life and each and every time you would find people better than you at a thing and worse            than but what you really need to do is strive for excellence and you would succeed. I have repeatedly been                      saying this in my blogs and trust me it’s the main door to the true happiness!


  • Be happy with what you have: Rather cribbing and complaining about what you don’t have, how about feeling happy and being thankful for what you have? It would not only lift your mood but would also fill you with positivity and once you are positive, everything falls in its place and the more positive you are, the more positive you are the more happy things and moments you attract in your life 🙂


  • Live in the moment: We usually spend our lives either regretting about the past or worrying about future. However you do not have a time machine and can’t go back in time and set things right also at the sametime by worrying at present and screwing your mood and depriving yourself of energy, you’re doing everything that will worsen your future. Thus you are left with one option and that is to live in the moment and stay happy. Do not worry about future just plan about it and work on it, if this planning worries you and you keep thinking, that how you will do all this, then just remember one thing and say to yourself, “ am planning to make my future better, if its screwing my present I better focus on something else. As worrying can never get me anything infact I will loose. I would rather divert my mind and stay happy and once I am cool would just put in efforts in achieving what I want in future but without worrying!


  • Enjoy little joys of life: Everyday God gives us so many moments which are so cute and adorable and we should actually enjoy these and be thankful to God for blessing us with these, rather than all the time being unhappy about the big things we asked for. If you stay happy and are thankful for cute little things that keep happening you would soon see your big dreams also turn true. This would certainly happen, the lesser you worry the more you would get.


  • Imagine Pleasant: What really makes us worry? It is imagining that unpleasant would happen. But it’s just our imagination, how about imagining something pleasant. Why always think that unpleasant would happen?

As per great texts and various holy text, “The world we imagine is more real than the world around us” and thus           we should always imagine pleasant and you know what the more you imagine good stuff you want in your life,             the more it will actually happen whereas worrying and imagining unpleasant things would actually make that               happen in your life! So choice is yours, rule is simple imagine what you want 🙂

For example you want promotion in your job or if you want to become a parent and due to some trivial reason             you are not able achieve either of the two or instead of staying positive you worry how will these two happen                then you would delay getting your dreams fulfilled. However if you stay happy and just hang in there with full              faith, your dreams would turn true one day guaranteed!

I would like to conclude saying a simple thing, that happiness is a choice, your choice! You choose it you get it. Nothing in this world can stop you from being happy if you are determined and the best part is and also which is as true and factual as law of gravity, happiness only gets you more happiness and never worry, criticizing yourself or any other negative feeling would ever get you happiness. They might help you achieve short term goals but happiness, I really doubt!

So bang on! Just stay happy and see how wonderful your world is J I am more than sure you would get your true happiness!

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