by Arpita Seth Guru

The Perfect Valentine Date


Valentine’s Day is round the corner and all you love birds would be busy thinking how to make this one special, and icing on the cake is that it’s falling on a Sunday! So no tension of taking a chutti (leave).

On this blog would take liberty of suggesting few interesting ideas to make your V Day really awesome one!

Weekend getaway: Go for a long drive to some beautiful place which is say at a 200 Kms or less distance from your place. You have various sites like makemytrip.com, Yatra.com etc with awesome discounts on hotels, do the booking right away and enjoy the trip. My hubby managed to book a room at 1/3rd price in a 3 star property in Jaipur, with breakfast complimentary! You too go for something like this 🙂

While on the drive take a halt for breakfast or whichever meal you want on a roadside dhaba surrounded by serene     green farms. Ohh its just awesome! We did the same last week at a dhaba just on the outskirts of Neemrana(it was our anniversary :)). This would be the beginning of your Perfect Valentine Date!

As people say well begun is half done, so you are through with half of the efforts you need to put in to make it a             perfect Valentine Date.

Buy a surprise gift: When it comes to giving a surprise gift, women are the clear winners and thus this suggestion is for them 🙂 If you really want to make your man surprised with a perfect gift, buy a well thought gift related to what he is really fond of. Say if your husband is fond of cricket then try if you can get him passes of upcoming IPL match, if they are already sold then book a dinner or lunch at some awesome restaurant where huge screens are present, two of you can go for it whenever it happens 🙂 If your hubby is fond of bike rides (mine is!) then gift him a dinner or stay at some hotel where you’ll go with him on a bike ride, which BTW should be little long, atleast 100 kms! Similarly go for an idea where in you’ll actually gift him something related to what he really loves doing and also a secret catalyst to make this gift even more loved is, it should not be very expensive, then your hubby would appreciate your efforts more! 😉

If you are a guy and reading this, then suggestion for you is take your ladylove for shopping or watch her favorite movie with her or do something which she really likes and make her feel special.

Way to enter a guy’s heart is through his stomach: Make his favorite food and let him relax for the day and don’t take him for shopping, just be the perfect wife who lets him do whatever he wants in whichever way he wants, which could be very difficult but for a day you can manage ;). If he doesn’t want to take bath so be it or if he just wants to sit infront of TV and watch cricket whole day, so be it! He would love this gift the most and its applicable in every single case 😛

In my opinion, every day is a Valentine’s Day but since this day is already in existence why not make your better half feel that he/she is lucky to have you, especially on this day!

All in all your efforts should be aimed at only one thing and that is to make your lover believe that you immensely love him and that my friend is what you cal it a PERFECT VALENTINE DATE!

Happy Valentine’s Day in advance to all of you 🙂



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