by Arpita Seth Guru

Five Resolutions to take in 2016 to make life EasynHappy!

Resolutions to take in 2016 to make life EasynHappy!

Hope you had an awesome New Year’s celebration and all set to have an awesome 2016 ahead! Sure it is, like every year this year as well you must have taken resolutions to make your coming year far better than the one you just left behind.

Today, though have no rights to comment on whether the resolutions you’ve taken are the perfect ones or not, but here would like to take liberty and suggest few resolutions which would make your life, as we call it EasynHappy!

Consider your failures as medals:

To be honest I took this line from Sundar Pichai, the newly appointed CEO of Google. Completely agree with the statement, as the lessons your failures teach, nothing else can. Instead of feeling bad and cribbing about the failure faced, look at it in a different way and say to yourself, “it’s awesome I tried this, now I know what not to do and have learnt so many things”. This way down the line you would get success.

If you make a mistake and you do not repeat it, it’s not a failure but a lesson learnt. Hence from now on take a resolution of not letting fear of failure stop you from doing something you want to.

Thrive for excellence:

Whether in office or at home we usually compete with others and try to be best and end up being jealous when other person succeeds and then do crazy stuff to feel better. Or if you are better than the other, you would be so proud that would demean the other person or would be full of superiority complex and end up losing bigtime down the line.  Thus from my observation of years have noticed that whenever you compete or try to be best or better than someone else you usually end up not giving your best.

Hence always compete yourself with you! If you’re doing better than what you did in past there is no reason to be sad or feel dejected 🙂

Make gratitude your mantra of life:

It has been said in several self-help books and I came across it in Secret the Power book, and it says that, the more grateful you are for what you have the more you would get in your life. How can you be grateful by showing gratitude for whatever you have? Try not to complaint about what you don’t have, rather be grateful for what you have.

If you sit down and concentrate on what all you have about which you would like to thank your parents, spouse, sibling or someone else you’ll be amazed to find out there are so many things to be thankful for!

The more you start thinking of good things, the better experiences you would have. It’s as scientific as the “law of gravity” and it is called “law of attraction”. It means whatever you give in the form of thoughts and feelings, you attract in your life. If you do not take tension and feel cool about a thing without fail you would easily get it. Say you forgot something in your office and instead of feeling scared whether you would get it or not you are cool about it and just go and look for it the other day, you would easily find it.

Thus the more thankful you are for what you have, the more events you would come across in your life for which you would be thankful. A very simple trick to be grateful and show gratitude is start your day by listing down ten things about which you are thankful and then read them and be thankful again and feel it from heart. It might sound crazy, but it’s actually effective!

Help others a little more than you do:

You must have come across a saying that life is all about helping others. Well true but don’t you think it’s a little too idealistic! Thus adapt the mid path which is realistically possible and it is of helping others a little more than you usually do. There is no doubt about it that the more you help others the better it is for you and thus try doing one such deed every day. Devote extra time in helping a colleague at work or your child in doing homework or your mom in shopping or anything else. It would benefit you more than if you would spend all your time in doing things just for yourself.

By saying this I am repeating again I am not asking you to stop doing things for yourself, but spend say 5% of your time in helping others as well in some form or the other. You would see for yourself how complete and satisfied you would feel post it!

Learn a new thing every week:

You must have come across the saying, “there is no age for learning” and thus suggesting this resolution for 2016, that learn something new which is productive, every week. At the end of the year you would feel much skilled and confident 🙂


So begin this year with a bang! Go for it and thrive to make it your best year till now 🙂





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