by Arpita Seth Guru

Must reads-Real motivators

Your parents are the one who teach you the most, post that come siblings, relatives and friends however if you talk about any non-living thing which teaches you the most then it would be books!

Books are man’s best friend and help them in every phase of life, no matter what the situation is there is a book in existence to help you out 🙂

There are some books which have influenced people to such a great extent that their life took a complete turn and obviously to the right direction 🙂

Some such books which have helped millions across the globe are listed down below, strongly recommended and must reads-real motivators:

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Instant Mood Lifters

Instant mood lifters

As per well, simple logic and for sure multiple experiences you must have had, in order to feel real happiness of achieving something, little struggle really helps. If life was a straight road with no turns and curves and you were walking on it effortlessly, you would never feel happy rather you would have a feeling of bla! Similarly in order to enjoy happy moments, God has made human nature such that they would have mood fluctuations and would have moments when they are feeling irritated so that they could experience happy moments and could truly experience them.

However it is extremely important to get out of this mood quickly, else it starts effecting negatively and question of enjoying happy moments goes for a toss! Read More

Honesty has its own rewards

What prompted me to write this blog was a recent incidence which happened in India and took the whole nation by surprise. To elaborate on how honesty has its own reward 🙂

Aabid Qureshi-Act of Honesty!

It is an incident which happened in Jaipur, a rickshaw driver whose name is Mohammed Aabid Qureshi found Rs.  1.17 Lakhs cash on road and to everyone’s surprise did not keep it but rather submitted it in a Police Station with the help of a social activist Sabir Qureshi. This rickshaw puller earns barely Rs. 4000 to 5000 a month and this amount was a lot for him, but he was such a pure soul that he deposited it in a police station of the city. In today’s world you do not find such people it is rarest of the rare case, however the hype and appreciation media gave it should certainly influence many others 🙂 Read More

Easy to make tasty snacks

This is for all those foodies who want to try their hands on easy to make tasty snacks. 🙂

On weekends while watching TV with family or friends at home, you feel like munching something. Below are few tasty but really easy to make snacks for such occasions.



How many of you end up buying corns from mall and pay a woofing Rs.50 to Rs.60 for a small cup of it? I think all of us 😉 Well equally good corns you can make at home in just 4-5 minutes. Read More