by Arpita Seth Guru

Major websites which are integral part of life


Can anyone of us imagine life without internet? I am sure almost all of you would say, NO! However the same was very much imaginable two or even one decade back. Such is the grip of internet, especially in urban areas of India and also across the world.

When I enrolled for computer science engineering, it was an ambitious dream, because I didn’t own a computer at home and had only used it for few times. Never had one because never felt the need of it. If anyone says this now you would consider him an alien, but that was not the case in 2003 which was barely 12 years back!

What has made computer inevitable for almost every household? The answer is simple, its internet. To further get granular, there are few websites on which people spend majority of their internet time. Below I have tried listing down the most prominent ones:



The popularity of internet has increased because of the search engine, Google. Out of all the searches which happen on internet, more than 80% happen on this search engine. Such is the dominance and almost monopoly of Google!

You already get almost all info you require on Google, but do you know the search engine is working on a very ambitious project wherein it is scanning books from all over the world and those books would be available in searches on www.Google.com . This project is named as Google Books and the search engine has a mission of making anything which was ever been written and available to masses in the form of books would also be available online. It has tied up with major libraries across the world and everyday work is going on. Just imagine, knowledge of the world would be available in just few clicks, all you need is an internet connection and a smartphone or a laptop!



Remember the days when landlines and phone directories were maintained and we mugged up numbers of best friends by heart and never had to look at the directory for them or of our dear nani’s home J. But all that seems history, now thanks to social networking sites and specially Facebook you know about everything major happening in all your friends’ life, sometimes even more than that, thanks to some attention seekers on FB 😛

Even people who are one or two generations older than us are present on www.facebook.com , such is the virality and craze of this site.



In India if you talk about purchasing online then the first name which comes in mind is Flipkart. Do you know, its searches on Google are 33% higher than its closest Indian competitor as per Google keyword tool! Such is its success awareness. It sells almost everything and has awesome user experience. It started with selling only books and has come a long way since then.

There are so many online sites mushrooming on internet but this site has maintained its dominant presence from the beginning.

You name it and you get it on www.flipkart.com



Next comes the world’s second biggest search engine, yes you read it right! After Google, maximum searches happen on YouTube, infact today itself came across an article wherein it was mentioned that more than 100 million hours of video were watched on YouTube only in North America this year. Also these were only those videos through which people learn something, for example how to make hot and sour soup or how to make a tie knot, in short these are the viewing hours only for ‘How-to-videos’.

Just imagine the popularity of YouTube & how addicted we are to this site!

These are just the major websites which have become part of our lives, in addition to it we have sites like, www.twitter.com , www.olx.com www.indiatimes.com and so many more which are or gradually becoming integral part of our lives.

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