by Arpita Seth Guru

Live Cricket Match in office…??


Live Cricket match

Cricket and Bollywood are two things which almost every Indian absolutely loves and these two connect whole country irrespective of the location, color or religion of an Indian.  Bollywood movies we can watch as per our convenience but what about cricket? Who watches recorded matches? After all fun is watching live cricket match!

Usually matches are held during office hours, how can then we manage to keep a watch on the match! Being an ardent cricket lover and a full time employee in a company I know the tricks of keeping a work cricket balance 😛

Luckily these days in office, admins are supportive and there would be at least one screen on which you can watch live cricket match. However if your boss is around, for impression sake it gets difficult watching cricket in office. Though you would be lucky if your boss is also a cricket lover. Instead of raising an eye brow while you are watching he would give you company!

However even if this is not the case and no matter what, you want to watch the match then there is a trick, while working, on sites like www.hotstar.com or www.cricbuzz.com just switch on the match and don’t watch it, just listen to it on headphones and whenever you hear crowds cheering just take a sneak peak and watch the match. Such a nice way J

In fact students who do not have TV watch cricket live match online. Ohhh Nostalgia! Reminds me of good old days when away from home in hostel online streaming was the source of cricket J Of course clinging with your friends in nearby restaurant and sharing a coffee and watching TV is an evergreen idea but till when you could manage there without spending money and buying something to eat 😉

In case you need to concentrate in your work and listening to cricket commentary would disturb you, then log on to the live score sites & keep checking the score. Something is better than nothing J

India vs SA is going on, try these tricks to keep yourself updated just in case you are already not trying these at office 😉



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