by Arpita Seth Guru

Life begins at the end of comfort zone

Life begins at the end of comfort zone

What is the main fight we have with ourselves every day? It is of staying happy and having extremely high self-esteem and feel proud of yourself. For some or the other reason we keep criticizing and demeaning ourselves. Do you know, it is the main reason of whatever failures we face in our life. Of course there are people who never feel this way and there is a reason why they don’t.

The main reason they are full self-esteem and confidence is, they keep challenging themselves and always or most of the time stay out of their comfort zone. Staying in comfort zone is like an addiction, which restricts you from going an extra mile and thus is one of the main causes why we do not achieve all our dreams.

One always thinks, that stretching, slogging and working continuously is boring and you would not be happy, but just for one day try this out, put in extra efforts and try to innovate in doing something different and worthwhile. Once you do it, once it is over you would feel so good and would be full of so much positivity and energy that trust me you would praise yourself for every extra second you had put in.

However take care before putting in efforts and getting out of comfort zone and make sure that efforts you are going to put in are worth it and you love doing that work. Else after certain time you would not feel like coming out of your comfort zone for it.

Once you have taken a decision on what to explore post coming out of comfort zone, make a list of goals in order to achieve your dream. Would elaborate this with a single example, say your aim is to get a designation hike in office along with a lucrative monetary hike. This becomes your goal, and as mentioned earlier this should be your goal only if you enjoy doing your job, else first find a job you enjoy doing and then work on hike.

Now that you have set your goal, you need to set your interim goals so that step by step you achieve your target. Also by setting interim goals every time you achieve each, you would be full of enthusiasm, which would help you in working even better. For example, continuing with the case we took of hike in salary and designation, interim goals for it could be getting an appreciation mail from a client, overachieving targets on a project you handle, becoming employee of the month or something else. Set four to five interim goals and keep your focus on the end result.

Start with applying this on a simple thing and thus do a sample test. Say in making a special breakfast for your family, put in extra effort in finding out new recipe and then getting stuff for it and then surprising your family with the treat on a Sunday morning!

See for yourself what pleasure it gives, when you come out of your comfort zone 🙂 After all, ”life begins at the end of comfort zone”

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