by Arpita Seth Guru

Instant Mood Lifters

Instant mood lifters

As per well, simple logic and for sure multiple experiences you must have had, in order to feel real happiness of achieving something, little struggle really helps. If life was a straight road with no turns and curves and you were walking on it effortlessly, you would never feel happy rather you would have a feeling of bla! Similarly in order to enjoy happy moments, God has made human nature such that they would have mood fluctuations and would have moments when they are feeling irritated so that they could experience happy moments and could truly experience them.

However it is extremely important to get out of this mood quickly, else it starts effecting negatively and question of enjoying happy moments goes for a toss!

In order to lighten your mood here are few really simple yet extremely effective instant mood lifters



Music is the prayer heart sings! Very well said and so true, it really works! The moment anything annoys you or some thought coming across your mind upsets you, just turn on your favorite music and that’s it. Hundred out of hundred times this is effective. Keep your favorite music handy in your cell phone and you are sorted 🙂 Indeed an instant mood lifter!

Eating your favorite stuff


Whenever you eat your favorite food or for that matter anything you relish, a hormone called dopamine is secreted which makes you feel happy and positive. It is the same harmone which flows through the body when you take hot water shower during winters that feeling of relief you experience is because of the harmone “Dopamine”.

So next time you feel irritated just try to grab a bite of your favorite snack! Feel sad that for me this snack was Maggi and have not had it since few weeks nowL, hope to see it soon on shop shelves!



Almost all of us love chocolates, and it always makes us happy when we have one. Well certainly we would because chocolate has cocoa and cocoa boosts brain serotonin. Serotonin acts like an antidepressant and helps you in getting out of your bad mood.

When in bad mood for few minutes forget about the calories you would gain just have one chocolate, because a positive mind is adobe of a healthy body.

Distract yourself with the first thing you see


This is a very interesting and a quick way, moment you are angry or pissed off with something just look at the first thing which comes in front of you and indulge yourself in quizzing about it. Say while driving you are irritated with the traffic, look at the steering wheel and think that why a circle why not a triangle or a pentagon, who thought of this idea, who would have come up with the concept of power steering and making driving so effortless. By the time you reach to your 3rd or 4th question you are already out of your bad mood J

See, how simple and effective it is!




  • easynhappy |

    Well other than chocolate or music you can certainly try the last method, which is to distract yourself. In addition to it there are few really awesome self help books which you can read. I would be writing a blog post on that as well soon, stay tuned 🙂

  • denag14 |

    What I described above , we call it Nostalgia.. It brings to mind, the smell, the feel, the emotions… better if it’s a happy moment one is remembering. I bang my hopes on time… Is there any help u can offer some of us who can’t count on chocolates, and songs to get rid of our negative moods…

  • denag14 |

    Hmmmm…. It doesn’t work like that for me oooo. If say for instance, I was listening to say a West Life song and my girlfriend sent a message that she’s calling it quits or… I got the message that a close friend has just been rushed to the hospital, anytime I listen to that particular song or any other song or activity related to that day or days afterwards, I get depressed. I often bang my hopes on time. Passage of time heals everything and makes the most

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