by Arpita Seth Guru

How to come out of emotionally low phase!


We all come across low phases in life, it is something which happens with each one of us without fail! What matters is how soon you come out of it.

You might think at the same time that why really we have to have negative thoughts if that happens with everyone! Simple answer to it is, in order to feel the pleasure of good feelings. If they were not there fun of life would just not be there!

However you just need to get rid of them as soon as you can and this blog is all about coming out of that low phase which you might encounter.

Before sharing the points, would like to give a disclaimer that it might take few days, weeks or months, it totally depends on you, how soon you would get out of low phase but below points would certainly help you in getting along 🙂

Healthy Food:

Yes you read it correct! Healthy food keeps your body detoxicated and makes you feel energetic which ultimately results in happier you!

When it comes to healthy food and eating habits then have very high intake of water and have high fiber food. Increase intake of fruits and don’t worry you do not have to do away with your favorite junk food! At times it’s permissible 🙂

Daily Exercise:

Alright now! This one requires a lot of will power as we do not want to get up early morning and do workout, but once you make it a habit you would just not be able to stay without it!

Start with 3 times a week workout with 10 mins each day and then gradually increase it. Do not start with very heavy workout to begin with as then you face fatigue and ultimately don’t feel like doing the workout again.

Always remember it’s most important to be consistent than anything else when it comes to workout!


This is just to give your thoughts a path and not let the move stray! Just 5 minutes a day every morning is enough!

Do you know almost all of the CEOs and top position holders do it every day to gather their thoughts and to be more productive.

Initially it will be difficult to focus but as you know, practice makes a person perfect! You too will get better and better at it with each passing day!

No comparison:

I have been repeatedly saying this and laid a lot of emphasis on it in the<The true happiness blog>, that comparison always pulls you down. Just don’t do it and you would stay happy, many a times it’s the main cause of why you entered a low phase. Thus just let the comparison go! Just choose your target as per what you love and stop looking at what others are doing. I bet you would be super happy.

Passion for multiple work:

Many a times we have only 1 or max 2 passions which keep us occupied, thus if by any chance we are somehow not able get what we want in one thing we enjoy doing, we feel disheartened. For example, usually home makers who are also mom are passionate about their kids and one should certainly be but as kids grow up they get busy in their life and usually mom feels lonely, or for example someone working and she is all the time only dedicated to work with not bothered about anything else and small loopholes in work life causes a lot of stress. Thus it’s better to divide your daily time in 3-4 things.

Say a home maker mom should also join some clubs or indulge herself in some hobby, for example cooking, gardening etc. Same goes for working woman as well, this way if any one of your major time occupier gets stressful or mundane you have some other options to go for and lighten your mood.

Bonded with family:

I am a firm believer of one thing, only that person is happy who is close to her/his family. Being strongly bonded to your family is a key to happiness as friends can’t fill that gap nor anyone else.  You might have close friends who are your confidant but the compassion and love your family gives you no one else can.

Hence whenever coming through a low phase always confide with your family. Someone from your family would always have a solution to your problem and the empathy you would get from them, no one else can give.

Be a non-complainer:

Complaining usually happens when you look at a thing with a particular perspective, change the perspective and complains would go. Also you would end up being happy & stress-free. At times it’s difficult to avoid annoying stuff but just give it a try, just ignore the stuff and occupy yourself with something else. Without fail the thing which is irritating you would go away and you would be surprised at how ignoring stuff really helped.

Many a times you enter low phase because you were continuously cribbing or complaining about something and get so engrossed in the lack of something that you get depressed and overlook the good stuff happening around.

Keep yourself busy:

If you are busy you would not have any time for negativity. You would feel happy and fulfilled all the time. Thus keep yourself occupied.

All in all would tell you one thing, think deeply why exactly you are sad or in low phase and does that thing really matter to you! What if, if whatever is lacking and missing is of no significance. For a change why don’t we think all the time about what we have and feel happy about it rather than thinking of what we don’t have and feel low about it. That’s how you will come out of low phase in life 🙂




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