by Arpita Seth Guru

Honesty has its own rewards

What prompted me to write this blog was a recent incidence which happened in India and took the whole nation by surprise. To elaborate on how honesty has its own reward 🙂

Aabid Qureshi-Act of Honesty!

It is an incident which happened in Jaipur, a rickshaw driver whose name is Mohammed Aabid Qureshi found Rs.  1.17 Lakhs cash on road and to everyone’s surprise did not keep it but rather submitted it in a Police Station with the help of a social activist Sabir Qureshi. This rickshaw puller earns barely Rs. 4000 to 5000 a month and this amount was a lot for him, but he was such a pure soul that he deposited it in a police station of the city. In today’s world you do not find such people it is rarest of the rare case, however the hype and appreciation media gave it should certainly influence many others 🙂

On every form of media this story was covered, EasynHappy got to know about it through radio. Initially when got to know about this story, the end of it predicted was that very nice of him and even Police applauded him for it, media covered him and people would remember him as a very honest person and he has earned a lifetime respect and admiration from all his fellow Indians, which in itself is such a big thing. But there was a little more to it, some people got so touched by his act of generosity that what you will read in next few lines would just make you feel that he really deserved this reward as well.

Aabid Qureshi-Reward of Honesty

A social activist, Lal Chand Nagpal from Bangaluru was so impressed by the act of Aabid that in the presence of commissioner of Police and the other activist Sabir Qureshi decided to gift Aabid an e-Rickshaw. It was sponsored by the business man turned activist Mr. Nagpal and the keys were handed over to Aabid by Commissioned of Police.

Mr. Nagpal flew down all the way from Bangaluru and met Aabid and his family and found them very humble people and in order to increase their daily income and to make their life better gifted him the e-Rickshaw.

The day commissioner handed over keys of e-Rickshaw to Aabid there were tears of joy, whole of his family was extremely happy.

At the end would like to say, one good act can fetch you so much respect and happiness. Indeed Honesty has its own reward. It was a live example of a quote from the book Secret the Power by Rhonda Byrne, “the more you give, the more you get” and also to end it would like to say, “honesty has its own rewards!”




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    Hiya, Are you going to be posting a another post? My partner and myself have put in some time looking over your web site and insteetringly you discussed something i was dealing with only the other day with our daughter. We very often hear ourselves arguing about the smallest of issues, isn’t it foolish?

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    Hi Denag, glad to know you would like to be part of the site however its a very new blog as of now and at present advertisement is not possible. However once we reach there you are most welcome to advertise 🙂 As of now outside blogs are not allowed on the site.

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  • Denag14 |

    More on honesty…..

    A strange legend has it that ladybirds forgive but don’t forget. Apparently, at first they didn’t have their distinctive black spots. The ladybirds had been pushed to the verge of extinction when, while being led by their famous guide, Caius Insectus, a storm flooded the path they were travelling. Caius Insectus disappeared into the flood, and the few ladybirds who survived had to choose a new guide and leader. They decided that their new leader would be the first ladybird to successfully travel south to the Great Lake and return to describe it.

    Many young ladybirds eagerly launched themselves into this adventure. One by one they returned and told of how beautiful the southern lake was at that time of year, with its crystal clear waters, bordered by flowered meadows. However, the last of the ladybirds was late in getting back. They waited for him for three days, and when he finally returned, he was downcast and embarrassed. He hadn’t managed to reach the lake. Everyone criticised him for his slowness and stupidity, and they prepared to continue their journey the next day.

    Following their new guide, they spent a morning walking northwards until they reached some tall thick grassland, where they halted, astonished. In front of them was the Great Lake! But there were no crystal clear waters, or flowered meadows. The heavy rain had turned it into a huge green puddle surrounded by mud.

    Everyone understood what had happened. Without realising it, they had been swept beyond the lake by the flood. When the ladybirds had gone out looking for the lake, they had gone in the wrong direction. Now they could see that, apart from that one late ladybird, they had all wanted to be the Great Guide, and they had not had any qualms to lie in order to get what they wanted.
    And so, the late little ladybird, the only one who they now really trusted, was made the Great Guide. They also decided that every time one of them was discovered lying they would paint a black spot on that ladybird’s back, so there’d be no way to erase it. Nor would a ladybird know how many spots they had on their back. From then on, when a ladybird looks at another’s back, it can tell whether that ladybird is trustworthy.

    Likewise, when people show themselves to be dishonest other people paint spots on their impressions of them. It’s enough to have just one black spot to change from a simple red insect into a ladybird. So, no matter what the prize may be, we should not allow anyone to paint that spot upon us.

  • Denag14 |

    Honesty is the fastest way to prevent a mistake from turning into a failure.

    When you do something with a lot of honesty, appetite and commitment, the input reflects in the output.

    The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made

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