by Arpita Seth Guru

Happiness is easy to get…isn’t it?


 All of us are doing job, looking after home, going to school or working on a goal to achieve something. However have you ever thought, whatever we want to achieve will give us what? You would say money, respect, name etc etc, however what are you ultimately seeking from all this? The answer is simple, its happiness 🙂

So how about not relying on anything or anyone but yourself for happiness, let me explain it to you a little more…

If you stay happy no matter what the situation is, which might be difficult initially but you would I bet you would be able to do it.

Ultimately what happens because of this is, you are a happier person and you think with positive attitude all the time and you end up getting more in your life! It is also what you call as “Law of Attraction” and is as logical and scientific as “Law of Gravity”, which says you get what you think and feel. So if you are happy now, you would come across situations and circumstances which would make you happy in future and with more reasons to cheer about than you imagined and wanted!

So in short to make your life happy do not rely on anyone but yourself, your world is within you, be happy now to be happy always!

So that’s easy and will give you lots of happiness 🙂

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