by Arpita Seth Guru

Do we really have to worry?

Do we really have to worry?

If we look at macro level, what is the cause of all the sorrow (if any) in our life? It’s one and only one thing and that is WORRY! However the real question is, do we really have to worry to get things done? All of us know that worrying only makes things worse and never helps, but still we just can’t stop worrying!

In this blog of EasynHappy we’ll share how we can stop worrying and see the benefits of it. Talking about the reason of worry, then everyone has their own. However solution is the same for all and in all cases there is no need to worry at all.

Below I have listed down few simple ways of getting rid of worry and lead a stress free life:

  • Do a sample test: The best way of getting rid of worry is to consider one incidence wherein despite all odds you’ll maintain a chill and would not bother about the end result, would just focus on doing the hard work for resolving the issue.You would be amazed to see that the lesser tension you take of a particular situation the more easily it gets resolved. I have myself tried it several times and it has worked every single time, whether the situation was a major one or a minor one. It works without fail, just put in the efforts you need to do but do not worry about the end result at all.
  • Be prepared for the worst: Many a times the way discussed in first point we are not able to follow due to our years of habit, and would take some time to start behaving like that. What to do in such a scenario, in that case an easy way out. The easy way out is, think of what worse could happen in case of the problem that you are facing? Be prepared for that scenario and just work for whatever best result you want of the situation. The mental preparation of getting prepared for the worse and then working for the best relieves so much of tension that you are able to work far far better.
  • Prepare a plan B: Usually whenever we are working on something and are anxious about its end result then we are always scared whether we would be able to achieve it or not and are worrying all the time about it. If first two ways mentioned above cannot be followed then just prepare a plan B which is an easy way out of the current situation and then work on plan A tension free! For example, you are preparing for IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) and are worried whether you would be able to get through or not, in such a scenario instead of compromising on the college or course join B.Sc in your local college and side by side prepare for engineering. This way you would get rid of the worry of wasting a year just in case (God forbids!) you do not get through.

Bottom line is that there is absolutely no need to worry no matter what the situation is but still till the time you train your mind for the first way of getting rid of worry and tension try using the last two methods and stay happy always!

Here is an easynhappy way out like always 🙂


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