by Arpita Seth Guru

Daily Routine a blessing!


We usually keep cribbing about the same life going on, the mundane routine and the boredom we face and always crave for excitement. Craving for excitement is good but in this do not forget to appreciate what you already have and that is a peaceful normal daily routine.

Just imagine how awful it gets when due to some reason you are not able to sleep at night, or say you are not able to go out for planned dinner or movie cause of bad health and there are many such examples! It’s on such occasions that we realize the importance and bliss of a normal regular life. The more you appreciate it, the better your life gets. The more you enjoy it, the more joyful your life gets 🙂

Having a decent paying job, a healthy family, comfortable house to stay in and your own good health are what makes life a beautiful one. If you have these you should just not crib about anything, rather just feel happy and be thankful to God for it.

If you start enjoying the “okness” of life, it means you have understood the true way of living a happy life. However this does not mean that you settle for bare minimum, have high dreams and ambitions but at the same time be happy with what you have.

Do not take tension of not achieving a certain goal, rather just keep aiming at it without worrying about the result, rather believing in achieving your goal.

Only when you appreciate what you have can you think of ideas to grow and showcase your full efficiency.


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