by Arpita Seth Guru

Consistency is all you need!

Consistency is all you need to get, be and give what you want. In order to achieve your dreams you need to put in efforts.

What usually happens, once or twice we put in a lot of efforts but after sometime we just give up and go back to our comfort zone. However every time we enter our comfort zone, few days later we again feel bored and try to look for something which would keep us busy and make us feel fulfilled.

There is one simple thing which will help us in feeling fulfilled, and that is CONSISTENCY. If you keep trying and do not give up, you just keep on practicing, you move closer and closer to become an expert in the field of your choice. There are so many examples of people who never gave up and keep on striving, and ultimately kissed the success. You know what when you achieve goals after a struggle period, the joy of victory is even more pleasurable J Whether you take example of Abrahim Lincoln who worked for years towards his goal of becoming one of the finest Presidents of America who lead the country during the toughest phase of Civil War or you take example of M S Dhoni, a captain whose attitude of keeping calm and consistently working towards goal won us so many tournaments and the most esteemed World Cup! Another inspiring example is of Colonel Sanders of KFC who failed thousands of times before achieving success, he got success at the age of 65!

We keep reading and talking about these things, but when it comes to implementation, it is not that easy in fact it is extremely difficult. However consistency is all about not giving up & continously trying and thus felt like sharing few points which will help you in being consistent. Atleast they helped me in being consistent in writing blogs, even with an extremely busy job and taking care of home:

  • Aim consistency in what you actually love:

If you do not find a thing meaningful and interesting, do not waste your time on time. You will never ever be consistent at it, in fact if you’ve tried several times to be consistent at a thing say dieting but after every few days you are not able to continue it then instead of it try new ways to reduce weight. As if it has happened several times then it will happen next time as well. But you do be consistent in trying things or aiming at losing weight.

  • If the need be, decrease frequency but do not completely finish attempting:

Many a times it happens you are not able to put in as much time as you did initially when you started with your goal, which is justifiable with our busy lives and so many roles to play as it gets difficult. In such situations you might decrease the frequency of the number of times you work on your goal but never give up completely, by decreasing frequency you’ll be in a win-win situation and would have time for your regular chores and your other personal goal as well.

  • Make a long term plan:


Until and unless you have a long term goal, you would not have a path to follow and you would aimlessly strive at achieving something you don’t even know.

Thus always have a goal, whether it is of running a successful restaurant or becoming star employee of your office on anything else have an ultimate goal. Once you achieve it, have another goal to strive for and ride on the car of consistency to achieve that goal

  • Do not sing about your passion:

If you start singing and bragging about your goal and passion well in advance just to boost your moral you are actually weakening yourself and moving farther from the goal as once you start generally talking about it the seriousness and intensity of the goal is lost! You should certainly avoid it. If you really want to discuss about it to get ideas on how to achieve it, then talk to the person whom you consider your mentor and not everyone under the sun.

  • Do in depth research for your passion:

Until and unless you are thorough with the topic or field you want to do wonders in, it’s a little difficult to achieve your goal as you need to have an edge over others and that you can achieve only by being very knowledgeable in the field. Read regular blogs or meet the experts of the field who would give you awesome insights and inputs.

All in all would like to conclude by saying that if you want to follow path of consistency you are actually walking on the path of success!

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