by Arpita Seth Guru

Confidence: Do you have it?

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Many a times we have big dreams and want to do so many things in life, but there is one thing which stops us from achieving those goals, its lack of confidence.

Having confidence is the first and the most important thing to have in order to fulfill your dreams, if you do not have it, the journey is difficult in fact impossible.

So what really stops us from being confident?

Below I have jotted down few points on what stops us from being confident and how we can curb it:

Fear of failure:

Fear of failure is not only the main hindrance in success but hindrance in anything good you would like to do in life!

So how really can we get rid of this insecurity? It’s simple, learn from your mistakes and do not worry about committing one but make sure you do not repeat it. Making mistakes and then learning is the best way to learn and thus fear of failure would never occur.

Comparing yourself with others:

Comparison is the worst thing and probably the most efficient way to demoralize yourself!

You must have come across this saying (because you are reading this blog and that means you love genre self-help) “every person is unique and gifted with atleast one excellent skill.”

Instead of comparing yourself with others on skills we are not gifted with, find out and try really hard to find out what your gifted skills are! Once you know that, you would excel in that field and you would really not have to compare yourself with others.

For example, if Sachin Tendulkar was not a cricketer but say mmmm an insurance agent then would he have been as great as he is today? No!  He found out his gifted skill and luckily at a very early stage and thus is what he is and would always be remembered for it and he probably never had to compare himself with anyone, would never even have felt the need of it!

Taking criticism seriously:

There would always be people around you to criticize you and make you feel low, but you really don’t have to listen to them, as its only you who really knows what all you can do and the best judge of it. Do listen to others and with all due respect but if by any chance they are trying to demoralize you, just don’t let that effect you. Infact people who are doing this are themselves big losers as they do not have a better thing to do in their life! 😛

Negative thinking:

Negative thinking kills our confidence, and there is always an alternative to it and that is positive thinking. Just distract yourself the moment you start feeling negative, as one thing would lead into another and we’ll end up feeling irritated, angry, and fearful and ultimately all this would make you feel very negative and lack of confidence is the end result 🙂

So just keep yourself busy with what you like doing, but at the same time be very sure that while keeping yourself busy with things you like you are not effecting anyone else negatively.

We starve for success:

You would say what’s wrong with it? But the thing is this that instead of running after success we should run after excellence. That would eventually get you success. You must have come across a saying, “people who are successful are too busy to run after it!”

All in all confidence is not that difficult to attain, everything is possible if you have the zeal to chase your dreams and to stay positive while you are on your path, with this you’ll be full of confidence and eventually attain excellence and would succeed 🙂




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