by Arpita Seth Guru

Rekindle the child in you!

Source: aayushidailymusings.files.wordpress.com

Source: aayushidailymusings.files.wordpress.com

Everyone would agree with one aspect that when we were young kids we were the happiest. The carefree life which was always full of energy, no negative feelings or ill feelings for anyone.

Everyone would agree with this but what happens that all this fades away gradually. If you look back, you would realize in most of the cases it begun when your teenage started and we gradually forgot the jolly lovely days of childhood. Most of us were going through puberty and that is why our way of thinking and perspective towards life changed.

We go through major changes physically and mentally during this time, but I strongly believe that if we keep one thing in mind then we can keep the child in us intact and pulsating we can end up being much happier.

Why to take things seriously, just flow with the wind and expect good to happen. Do not in gross yourself in negative thinking. There is a saying which hundred percent holds true and it is, “the world you imagine is more real than the world around you!”

If this is the case, why not always get involved in always thinking of what good can happen in future rather than what bad can happen. Be in positive high mode most of the times and just the startling difference it would make.