by Arpita Seth Guru

Know your chronicle flaw!

Know your chronicle flaw, work on it and you are sorted for life! Whenever you feel, oh! I am not lucky enough to have this particular thing in life or oh! That person is always mean to me, it’s not destiny or anything else, its actually your chronicle flaw the acute defect in you, which causes someone to drift away from you or something material to drift away from you.

For example, you always feel that you are not able to handle your staff and this causes a big hurdle in your career growth or you feel that you are not able to tolerate a person in your life and that person is unavoidable, then, what’s actually causing the problem is some flaw in you and if you slightly work on it, things would get sorted.

For example, married women usually cannot tolerate their mother in laws and usually soar moments happen in frequent gaps. However, there is a saying in Hindi that “tali ek hath se nahi bajti” thus both daughter in law and mother in law are at fault and not any one. Thus, through repeated incidences, just try to identify what it is that irritates the other person and try to put in effort and don’t do it from your side. You cannot do away with your mother in law and if you even do so then your husband will be upset, many a times husband’s do not show it but they would obviously mind it and would stay unhappy and would gradually get used to it. What this ultimately ends into, discontent which eventually starts reflecting in professional life and your family would not be that happy. Plus karma reflects, whatever you are giving you would get back, so be prepared in future the same thing would happen to you.

At the same time would advise, that do not be an aggressive critic of yourself and continuously feel that you are the wrong person and keep demeaning yourself and consider yourself at fault. In addition do not let the other person run over you and be nasty to you. When limits are crossed do take action but till possible just ignore and let Karma serve the other person.

Part of understanding your chronicle flaw is also to identify what your heart and soul doesn’t allow you to do but the society and peer pressure forces you to. Just don’t do it, and you’ll be happy and once you start staying happy everything will be fine and everything will fall in its place. For example, you like to do a particular work, but you shifted to another profile because it was high paying, however when you start working on it you realize you do not enjoy it. You do drag it for sometime, but you start feeling depressed about not being able to work properly and that job satisfaction you always looked for is not there. If something of this sort happens again and again then understand that you’ve been made to do a little less demanding work, doing which you have a balance of everything in your life.

Do not go for something ever which leaves you discontent, but at the sametime do not do something which hurts your self-esteem. Always do something which makes you a better person every passing day without frustrating you.

These simple observations made by looking at people around, have attempted to make things easy and happy and to make one identify your chronicle flaw.



Rekindle the child in you!

Source: aayushidailymusings.files.wordpress.com

Source: aayushidailymusings.files.wordpress.com

Everyone would agree with one aspect that when we were young kids we were the happiest. The carefree life which was always full of energy, no negative feelings or ill feelings for anyone.

Everyone would agree with this but what happens that all this fades away gradually. If you look back, you would realize in most of the cases it begun when your teenage started and we gradually forgot the jolly lovely days of childhood. Most of us were going through puberty and that is why our way of thinking and perspective towards life changed.

We go through major changes physically and mentally during this time, but I strongly believe that if we keep one thing in mind then we can keep the child in us intact and pulsating we can end up being much happier.

Why to take things seriously, just flow with the wind and expect good to happen. Do not in gross yourself in negative thinking. There is a saying which hundred percent holds true and it is, “the world you imagine is more real than the world around you!”

If this is the case, why not always get involved in always thinking of what good can happen in future rather than what bad can happen. Be in positive high mode most of the times and just the startling difference it would make.