by Arpita Seth Guru

Boredom! What’s that?


Ok so here is something different and what almost all of us face in our life that is boredom. Infact most of us put in desperate efforts to make sure we don’t face it. I am one of them, I bigtime dread it and make sure that I don’t face it. Here in this blog thought of sharing few ways in which I try to get rid of boredom.

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What we all are struggling with most these days, atleast in North India is heat!

Sitting in AC is the best option, but what about those unavoidable moments when you have to face the wrath of sun… well God forbids you from that first of all.

You would feel hot outside, that cannot be escaped but you can take few precautions so that you don’t fall sick:

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Wanna diet?

Wanna diet?-Easynhappy.com Blog

Who doesn’t want to slim down and wear those lovely dresses in which otherwise you would look mmmmm not as good as you would look post losing some kilos. However the biggest struggle is, in today’s busy life we really do not have the time to exercise and to top it all in most of the cases there is almost no motivation to diet. This is specially the case when professional life is stressful and eating yummy stuff like chocolates, burgers and all the junk food of the world lessens your stress.

If you do relative comparison, eating less and dieting is easier to do than exercising. Also I’ll tell you why that is the case.

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Traffic Jam traffic jam go away, don’t come on my way ever again!

This is for all those who have to commute during the rush hours. We all share the same pain point and yes it is the dreadful traffic jam. 🙁

Traffic jam

Mood gets in an auto pilot mode and I am sure you will agree with me that you feel pissed off and are too irritated and agitated and are peeping out of the car, cab or auto to see the far end and to your dismay would see vehicles and vehicles, honking and all the craziness around. Phewww! Read More

What is EasynHappy all about?

Welcome on EasynHappy.com!

So what is easynhappy all about?

On this blog you would read  articles which would cheer you up. If you want to read about sweet little things which make the perfect moments of the day then easynhappy is a good option. Main purpose of connecting with all of you through this blog is to make you feel easy and happy.

Like a cup of your favorite coffee

Cup of coffee







chit chat with your colleague during lunch break

listening to music while working

This blog would be your companion when you want a break from mundane routine and in addition would give you lots of ideas and ways to make small difficulties or challenges you face in day to day life easy.

Stay tuned! There would be something of your interest discussed here very often. 🙂

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