by Arpita Seth Guru

Want to be carefree and happy? Know your kick factor!

Carefree and happy

Carefree and happy!

What do we mean by kick factor? It is something which makes all of us happy, no matter in what mood we are or what tension is going on in our mind 🙂 It is different for different people and can be used to lighten mood whenever facing stress or going through low phase.

be in bliss, joyful!

be in bliss, joyful!

For some people it could be driving, cooking, gardening, reading, travelling, talking to someone over phone, doing your work super efficiently and something else for someone else. Most of us would have multiple kick factors and it’s always handy to know which ones are yours. It is important to know because it acts like a catalyst in shifting your mood from off mode to on 😉

Carefree and happy!

Carefree and happy!

Renowned scholar Shiv Khera said that winners are the people who take lesser time to bounce back post falling. We all fall or face failures, but those who instead of getting disheartened by failure think, “so what if I failed this time, will succeed the next time” are the ones who succeed in longer run.

It has been observed by not few but many that it’s all about your attitude! Your attitude makes you either a winner or a looser. But in order to build this attitude you really need to stay happy and in order to stay happy you would need to use your kick factors to lighten your mood whenever facing stressful situation.

How to identify your kick factor?

Think think and think hard!

Do this when you are in a good mood and try to remember what makes you really happy? Think over when was the last time you felt really light and none of the botherations actually bothered you. It’s all about being carefree. But more important is to know what makes you so happy that you feel carefree?

It could be anything, it could be when you are working and get appreciation mail from a client, while you listen to music you get really productive and are able to work really well, it could also be having word with your mom or spouse or someone else.

Just remember those factors, and whenever you feel irritated and start to lose your peace of mind just try to divert your mind and indulge yourself in doing something which gives you a kick!

Its only these trivial moments when you are pissed off you do something naïve and do the damage,  just think of it if in those moments if you are able to distract yourself with your kick factor and start doing something which makes you feel carefree you just avoid all the irrational and haste stud you do! Do give it a thought and try and be rest assured that it will make a difference. 🙂


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