by Arpita Seth Guru

Boredom! What’s that?

Ok so here is something different and what almost all of us face in our life that is boredom. Infact most of us put in desperate efforts to make sure we don’t face it. I am one of them, I bigtime dread it and make sure that I don’t face it. Here in this blog thought of sharing few ways in which I try to get rid of boredom.

Give time to yourself:

As we grow and get busy in our life we more and more stop giving time to ourselves, which I believe is more of a reason to look aged or to become quiet and boring as we age. If you have time give it to yourself, go for a spa, go for your shopping, join some class you always wanted to of a foreign language or cooking something else. Do manicure pedicure, hit the gym or whatever you want to either enhance your skill set or to make you look or feel better 😉

Chit chat with college friends or hangout with them if in same town. Read the book you always wanted to while sipping your customized coffee. Get so involved in evolving yourself that you just do not know what exactly boredom is 😉

Have multiple passions:

Usually we get stuck in something we are obsessed with, and if sometimes things do not happen as per our wish in it we get shattered. Post getting shattered with time passing by we do get over it it, but the boredom persists, and in order to get rid of this situation we should have multiple focus areas. If one bothers, don’t give it a damn, move on and keep yourself busy with something else. For example, the best way to have multiple passions is aiming perfection or rather giving 100% in personal, professional life and last but definitely not the least to yourself. 🙂

This way say if you are having a tough phase in office you have a sweet soothing home where you can sit with your spouse/parent/sibling and open your heart and get the solace, once you get in sync with your situation and try to stay happy you would automatically start doing well in office.

Similarly when going through tough phase in personal life, try to get solace in your work, work hard concentrate in your work even more. Try to divert your mind from personal tiff and its assured that the more you remove your focus from the chaos the easier it will be to get it out of your life.

Thumb rule is simple one, which I have always mentioned in my blogs and that is to stay happy you need to be happy now! When you are happy boredom you would never face 😉

Know your kick factor:

If we know our kick factor or to put it simply, things which make you happy and make you reach in altogether a separate state of mind for example, for some people its cooking, for some it’s listening to music for others its their work or say raising a child.

Identify it and simple, whenever you get bored just go for it, suddenly you would get rid of boredom

Rest when it comes to getting rid of boredom everyone has their own sweet ways however, the above three would give you an easy way out 🙂

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