by Arpita Seth Guru

Big fish in a small pond

Big fish in a small pond

These days reading David and Goliath by one of my favorite authors, Malcolm Gladwell. It mainly talks about how underdogs or people who are considered underdogs can be the winners, defeating toughest of the opponents.

While reading this book I came across a chapter in which it was mentioned about being a big fish in small pond rather than being small fish in big pond and getting lost in huge crowds. Somehow could relate myself with the saying and I am sure many of you would. As many a times in our life we just follow the crowd, what we call in Hindi “Bhedchal”.

Instead of focusing on what we love to do or what our identity is, we just try to be what others admire. I have always been stressing on one thing which is the door to happiness and that is of knowing yourself and admiring yourself, put in efforts every single day of your life and try to find out what is your passion and what you love to do. Every single human being on earth is gifted with a talent, in which he would certainly excel if he decides to give it a chance.

But in order to find your passion you need to believe in yourself and that is a bit tough. As you would come across challenges, but these challenges are just to make you stronger and for your growth. However many a times we get disheartened and consider some other option.

Abrahim Lincoln, one of the most admired president of USA, won the elections after losing multiple times. Had he not believed in himself and gave up just after trying one or two times he would have never been what he is known for. He managed to cope with the pressure and failure because he truly believed in himself. Similarly the Bansal brother of Flipkart, were rejected funding several times but managed to get it and thus made the biggest Indian E Commerce company!

So further talking about the point of discussion of this blog, which is big fish in a small pond, many a times we want to get into best of the colleges and companies because of their name and stature however when we get in there we feel dejected as everyone around is so competitive and there are so many contenders for the same post. Even if you were a topper in your class you would feel below average when you enter IITs(Indian Institute of Technology) and likes, in such scenario instead of going for premium colleges just for their name and stature go for colleges where courses of your choice are actually exist and even though you would not be called an IITian, which is a big thing in India, still the success you would achieve in doing something you love would be far more.

Don’t go for engineering if a cousin of your managed to get a nice package job, go for it if you actually love coding or working on circuits. If your passion is writing, then go for journalism course and not engineering. Even though you might not get an impressive package at the beginning, you would certainly get success down the line.

Rather than getting lost in masses be a part of group where you have like minded people and where you feel motivated because you do not have unreasonably tough competition.


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