by Arpita Seth Guru



What we all are struggling with most these days, atleast in North India is heat!

Sitting in AC is the best option, but what about those unavoidable moments when you have to face the wrath of sun… well God forbids you from that first of all.

You would feel hot outside, that cannot be escaped but you can take few precautions so that you don’t fall sick:

  • Drink lots of water before leaving: Make it a practice to have lots of water before leaving when it’s sunny outside. This saves you from dehydration which might leave you sick. During summer increase intake of water as much as possible
  • Avoid eating things which create heat in your body: There are several things which should be avoided in summers as they create heat in body, resultant you would have pimples and rashes in your body. Some of these things are, excess of ginger specially avoid it in your tea, daily intake of egg and non veg(I know you cannot stay without eating it and thus just avoid daily intake, once in a while it won’t harm 🙂 ), excess intake of green chilly and spices like black cardamom (badi ilaichi), however green cardamom is good to consume in summers
  • Always keep sunscreen handy with you: This one is not only for girls but for guys too, always keep it with you and apply it whenever you go bare in sun, it would avoid skin diseases.
  • Drink Aam Panna: Once a day Aam Panna really helps in keeping body cool and so have it atleast once daily, especially during afternoon. If its homemade that’s even better, as it has no preservatives and is delicious…slurp!
  • Carry your goggles: They would make you look smart to begin with! Would also escape you from harmful sun-rays

These precautions will certainly help you to beat the heat. However let’s pray and wish we get rid of these scorching summers soon! Though Autumn is a distant dream needless to say….. 🙁


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