by Arpita Seth Guru

Be Best Performer in office: A simple guide


If you are working in a MNC, it’s obvious that competition is tough and everyone is aiming at getting the next BIG promotion. There are many contenders for the same post and so you need to put in extra efforts to make senior management believe, you are the deserving one.

Working hard and doing things as per timelines set are inevitable to do but these are certainly not enough to become best performer in office.

In any company first appraisal you would get easily because in one year you certainly show a lot of improvement, the real challenge is to get consecutive second appraisal and that too as per your expectations.

There is a very strong reason behind it, in first year you get a hike for doing things well and adjusting in the company and understanding it, but what next? In order to further get a hike you need to show something additional which you did for company, and doing your day to day job well is not enough. For it you certainly need to focus on below mentioned, it would help work in at least 80% of the cases. 20% are the ones where politics is given far more importance than work and well-being of employee and company, sadly! Some element of it is present in every organization and we have to live with it but in few cases politics is insanely high.

Below are few simple things to do in order to be best performer in your office:


One day while reading about how to innovate in your work I came across something which Steve Jobs said, it was “it is not your customer’s work to tell what they want, you have to think about”. Well we all know how innovative and excellent Apple is and no wonder it is this seed thought which drives them in predicting what new people would people like and thus Apple keeps coming up with such excellent and amazing products. This way the cut throat tech adapters come up with such brilliant ideas and our lives circulate around them.

To cut it short we can say that these companies and its people are proactive, it is a very crucial and important thing in career success or for that matter any field of life. If you troubleshoot a problem or fulfill a requirement of client before they point out, they would admire you professionally and would always like to work with you and most likely would give you more work and would also refer you to others.

Also it goes without saying, internally in your organization as well you would be admired for this!

Reading data:

In order to be proactive and innovate, you need to be informed and updated about your industry and know what are the new things happening. For it you need to dedicate at least an hour or so every day. If workload is more, then stretch and take out time during weekends. Trust me it’s not too much to ask, it is absolutely worth it.

This way you would know what more is happening in industry and how you can apply it in case of your client/company.

Say if you are into fashion designing then know about the latest fashion, read about or visit the fashion shows etc. If you are a digital marketing person then read more and more about the latest technologies, channels or ad formats which can be used to advertise online.

Sharing knowledge:

Sharing is caring, the knowledge you gain by reading the various stuff and also implementing it on your projects, do share it with your colleagues and specially people whom you mentor. As this way people would start seeking you for any advice, this has a very positive affect on your internal reputation and gradually starts getting noticed by your seniors as well and thus an added point in your overall performance.

You can also take training sessions if there is a high demand, this would again help others and you as well.

Highlight the work done:

You do something really great at your workplace and also get appreciation from your client for your work but your internal team and that includes your seniors, do not know about it, then that achievement would not help you in getting better appraisal, of course it will give you work satisfaction but do not forget to highlight it in company, specially to your seniors. This can be done simple my sharing a mail talking about the same also if you can get appreciation on mail then nothing like it.

This is just a way to make sure everyone knows about your good work, a small mail can make a big difference 😉

Even when free act as if working

Almost all of us our not working at least 2-3 if not more in office and are rather doing some other work like on phone, taking breaks or surfing some non-work related stuff on internet. It is the case with everyone without any exception but few smart ones who are always in limelight, give an impression that they are always working and thus get the extra marks of good school boy 😉 on this point be smart and even if not working act as if you are dedicatedly working. This is some practical gyan! Would be really handy in corporate world.

All in all just go for an extra mile and do the work giving not 100% but 101%!

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