by Arpita Seth Guru

Know your chronicle flaw!

Addiction to tea and luxury!

Addiction to tea and luxury!

Know your chronicle flaw, work on it and you are sorted for life! Whenever you feel, oh! I am not lucky enough to have this particular thing in life or oh! That person is always mean to me, it’s not destiny or anything else, its actually your chronicle flaw the acute defect in you, which causes someone to drift away from you or something material to drift away from you.

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Rekindle the child in you!


Rekindle the child in you!

Relive the colorful childhood!

Everyone would agree with one aspect that when we were young kids we were the happiest. The carefree life which was always full of energy, no negative feelings or ill feelings for anyone.

Everyone would agree with this but what happens that all this fades away gradually. If you look back, you would realize in most of the cases it begun when your teenage started and we gradually forgot the jolly lovely days of childhood. Most of us were going through puberty and that is why our way of thinking and perspective towards life changed.

We go through major changes physically and mentally during this time, but I strongly believe that if we keep one thing in mind then we can keep the child in us intact and pulsating we can end up being much happier.

Why to take things seriously, just flow with the wind and expect good to happen. Do not in gross yourself in negative thinking. There is a saying which hundred percent holds true and it is, “the world you imagine is more real than the world around you!”

If this is the case, why not always get involved in always thinking of what good can happen in future rather than what bad can happen. Be in positive high mode most of the times and just the startling difference it would make.

How to create undying passion towards your goal?

Create undying passion

   Undying passion

What is the difference between the successful people and the people who are always struggling to be successful? There is no doubt in it that everyone wants to be successful and have enough money to buy all the stuff they really like and always be surrounded by their loved ones.

Everyone wants it but not everyone gets it! Why is God not fair with everyone? Well he is! That is why people who truly deserve it get it, people who day in and day out think of how it will feel when they’ll have what they want in life are the ones who get it, they hardly bother themselves with negative thoughts.

That feeling of already having it and feeling good about it is what actually shows them the path to success. This feeling is what creates an undying passion in one to achieve their goals. This is what helps them in creating the undying passion towards goal!

These simple thumb rules will help you determining what your undying passion should be

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Want to be carefree and happy? Know your kick factor!

Carefree and happy

Carefree and happy!

What do we mean by kick factor? It is something which makes all of us happy, no matter in what mood we are or what tension is going on in our mind 🙂 It is different for different people and can be used to lighten mood whenever facing stress or going through low phase.

be in bliss, joyful!

be in bliss, joyful!

For some people it could be driving, cooking, gardening, reading, travelling, talking to someone over phone, doing your work super efficiently and something else for someone else. Most of us would have multiple kick factors and it’s always handy to know which ones are yours. It is important to know because it acts like a catalyst in shifting your mood from off mode to on 😉

Carefree and happy!

Carefree and happy!

Renowned scholar Shiv Khera said that winners are the people who take lesser time to bounce back post falling. We all fall or face failures, but those who instead of getting disheartened by failure think, “so what if I failed this time, will succeed the next time” are the ones who succeed in longer run.

It has been observed by not few but many that it’s all about your attitude! Your attitude makes you either a winner or a looser. But in order to build this attitude you really need to stay happy and in order to stay happy you would need to use your kick factors to lighten your mood whenever facing stressful situation.

How to identify your kick factor?

Think think and think hard!

Do this when you are in a good mood and try to remember what makes you really happy? Think over when was the last time you felt really light and none of the botherations actually bothered you. It’s all about being carefree. But more important is to know what makes you so happy that you feel carefree?

It could be anything, it could be when you are working and get appreciation mail from a client, while you listen to music you get really productive and are able to work really well, it could also be having word with your mom or spouse or someone else.

Just remember those factors, and whenever you feel irritated and start to lose your peace of mind just try to divert your mind and indulge yourself in doing something which gives you a kick!

Its only these trivial moments when you are pissed off you do something naïve and do the damage,  just think of it if in those moments if you are able to distract yourself with your kick factor and start doing something which makes you feel carefree you just avoid all the irrational and haste stud you do! Do give it a thought and try and be rest assured that it will make a difference. 🙂


Boredom! What’s that?


Ok so here is something different and what almost all of us face in our life that is boredom. Infact most of us put in desperate efforts to make sure we don’t face it. I am one of them, I bigtime dread it and make sure that I don’t face it. Here in this blog thought of sharing few ways in which I try to get rid of boredom.

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How to come out of emotionally low phase!


We all come across low phases in life, it is something which happens with each one of us without fail! What matters is how soon you come out of it.

You might think at the same time that why really we have to have negative thoughts if that happens with everyone! Simple answer to it is, in order to feel the pleasure of good feelings. If they were not there fun of life would just not be there!

However you just need to get rid of them as soon as you can and this blog is all about coming out of that low phase which you might encounter.

Before sharing the points, would like to give a disclaimer that it might take few days, weeks or months, it totally depends on you, how soon you would get out of low phase but below points would certainly help you in getting along 🙂

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Daily Routine a blessing!


We usually keep cribbing about the same life going on, the mundane routine and the boredom we face and always crave for excitement. Craving for excitement is good but in this do not forget to appreciate what you already have and that is a peaceful normal daily routine.

Just imagine how awful it gets when due to some reason you are not able to sleep at night, or say you are not able to go out for planned dinner or movie cause of bad health and there are many such examples! It’s on such occasions that we realize the importance and bliss of a normal regular life. The more you appreciate it, the better your life gets. The more you enjoy it, the more joyful your life gets 🙂

Having a decent paying job, a healthy family, comfortable house to stay in and your own good health are what makes life a beautiful one. If you have these you should just not crib about anything, rather just feel happy and be thankful to God for it.

If you start enjoying the “okness” of life, it means you have understood the true way of living a happy life. However this does not mean that you settle for bare minimum, have high dreams and ambitions but at the same time be happy with what you have.

Do not take tension of not achieving a certain goal, rather just keep aiming at it without worrying about the result, rather believing in achieving your goal.

Only when you appreciate what you have can you think of ideas to grow and showcase your full efficiency.

The True Happiness!

Usually we run after some goal of life, which should certainly be the case. However in this journey of chasing our dreams and goals we should enjoy the little joys of life. As those little joys which we get in day to day life in the form of quality time with family or friends, or a nice sleep or a chat with an old friend or anything else is what makes life fun and lets you live your life.

Being worried about your goal or materialism of the world to prove your mettle in front of others. You are actually losing your identity and the true happiness of life. Even after achieving all that you aimed for you feel empty and negativity is something which continuously surrounds and haunts you.

However it’s never late, if that was the case till now you can simply change it by following some really simple things and thus would get the true happiness!


  • Be yourself: You have got this life to be what you want and not what you feel would make you look good in other’s eye. Even if you do that and say everyone adores you for what you are, there would still be one person who would not be fond of you and that is you YOURSELF! Know what it’s the most important that you yourself are fond of you, else what’s the purpose of life. You’ll always feel superficial.

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Consistency is all you need!


Consistency is all you need to get, be and give what you want. In order to achieve your dreams you need to put in efforts.

What usually happens, once or twice we put in a lot of efforts but after sometime we just give up and go back to our comfort zone. However every time we enter our comfort zone, few days later we again feel bored and try to look for something which would keep us busy and make us feel fulfilled.

There is one simple thing which will help us in feeling fulfilled, and that is CONSISTENCY. If you keep trying and do not give up, you just keep on practicing, you move closer and closer to become an expert in the field of your choice. There are so many examples of people who never gave up and keep on striving, and ultimately kissed the success. You know what when you achieve goals after a struggle period, the joy of victory is even more pleasurable J Whether you take example of Abrahim Lincoln who worked for years towards his goal of becoming one of the finest Presidents of America who lead the country during the toughest phase of Civil War or you take example of M S Dhoni, a captain whose attitude of keeping calm and consistently working towards goal won us so many tournaments and the most esteemed World Cup! Another inspiring example is of Colonel Sanders of KFC who failed thousands of times before achieving success, he got success at the age of 65!


We keep reading and talking about these things, but when it comes to implementation, it is not that easy in fact it is extremely difficult. However consistency is all about not giving up & continously trying and thus felt like sharing few points which will help you in being consistent. Atleast they helped me in being consistent in writing blogs, even with an extremely busy job and taking care of home:

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How to, let it go?


It is not easy to forgive others when it’s their fault, but you know the pleasure it gives when you just let it go, is priceless!

Whether it is office or your personal life, just move on if someone annoys you. As more you get into this practice the happier you’ll become. If you do not let annoying habits of others affect you, no one can stop you from being happy and success would follow you easily 🙂

Some of the key ways to help you practice this are:

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